We have worked hard to make our events “Covid Secure” and for the time being we will only be operating “drive-in” style cinemas. For more information, please visit our Covid-19 page.

Can I advertise at the event?

Of course. We have a ‘Partner’ package where we allow local business to advertise on the screen, on our website and through our social channels. Please contact for more information and other commercial opportunities.

What happens if the event is cancelled?

If the event is cancelled, all tickets will be refunded minus the booking fee.

I’d like to turn up early to get a better space…

When you purchase your ticket, you will be told the time the ‘doors open’ to your event. We kindly ask our visitors not to turn up any earlier than this as there may be a screening before yours and you could risk additional and unnecessary queuing for the event.

I’ve bought tickets for another screening but I’d like to swap onto a different date or event, can I?

Unfortunately the ticket you purchase is for the screening you purchased only. If you’d like to go to a different event, you will need to purchase tickets for that event.

I don’t own a car, can I still come to the event?

You will need access to a car with an FM tuning radio to be able to come to our drive-in events.

I no longer want to go to the event, can I have a refund?

Refunds will not be processed for events you no longer wish to attend, however you are permitted to sell your tickets to another buyer. In the unlikely circumstances that an event is cancelled, you will be refunded your ticket cost.

Will I be able to purchase food and drink at the venue?

You will be able to pre-purchase snacks with your ticket. At some locations we have on-site food and beverage vendors.

How do I hear the film at a drive-in event?

The events use technology to broadcast on a FM frequency directly into your car. You will need a car that can tune into an FM frequency if you’re coming to one of our drive-in events. Refunds will not be given if, on the night, you cannot tune into the film.

Car Breakdowns

If you’re attending one of our drive-in events, please ensure you have breakdown cover in the unlikely event there is a problem with your vehicle. We will have team members on standby to help with flat batteries. We suggest that you regularly start your vehicle throughout the movie to ensure your battery doesn’t die. We do not have a mechanic on site.

Will I be able to go to the toilet at a drive-in event?

We provide at least two portable toilets at the event should our guests require. We aim to provide an accessible portable toilet as part of that.

If the venue changes, can I request a refund?

In the unforeseen circumstance that an event must be relocated due to occurrences beyond our control (weather, ground problems, venue closures etc.) we will do our very best to source a new venue within 7 miles of the original location. If the event continues out of that 7 miles, customers will be entitled to a refund. If the new venue is within 7 miles of the original venue, the event will continue and refunds will not be processed.

Can I bring a bus, a tractor, a lorry, etc?

We must stress that all vehicles that come to our events must be able to be parked in a standard car parking space. Long wheel arch vans, tractors, minibuses, buses, lorries and vehicles generally higher than 7 foot will be unable to come to our event. Bigger cars and small vans will be held and parked after our smaller cars are in position so everyone gets the best view.

Do I need to remove roof racks?

We kindly ask our guests that all roof racks and attachments to the roof of vehicles are removed so the view for our other guests isn’t blocked.

Will I be able to see from the back of my car?

Every vehicle is different – we can’t guarantee a clear view from every seat in the vehicle – it is entirely dependent on the build of the car, the height of the passengers, etc. We will do our very best to ensure you’re parked in a spot where you can see the film